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@irisjaycomics fuuuck πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯❀❀❀❀❀

The finish is great but it's not actually worth the effort knowing I could communicate the same thing more clearly with a bolder and simpler line

Okay shelving that piece for a while, that inking style is WAY the hell too tedious

Speaking of Eve, the color version of this (which...I can't...find for some reason??) was my Tumblr header back in 2011

Still a big mood

(cw: slight nudity, weird proportions)

Bringing back Eve's 2010 look because it was fuckin powerful

Trying to see if I can still do that annoyingly careful ligne claire style I'd developed working with hardblush back in the day, and: yep

Pros: looks fucking fantastic

Cons: this small bit of ink took just over an hour and I have to work at 200% zoom which means if the sketch isn't already rock-solid there's Gonna Be Problems

*breaks the seventh seal, unrolls the scroll* *frowns* all it says is "look at my cluckers"

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you, a fool: i like it when games look good
me, enlightened: How Dare You Disrespect The Noble Cube

Leisure Class:We lead with our values!We believe in Morality! Good things, not bad things!

Proletariat: What if I told you we could end world hunger-

Leisure Class: Yes!

Proletariat:Guarantee enforceable protections for the marginalized-

Leisure Class:Yes!

Proletariat:End homelessness-

Leisure Class:YES!

Proletariat:-But you would have to drop from having the networth of an entire continent to just upper middle class....

Leisure Class:

found the bird I designed for FC In the wild!! (I was one of the staff artists this year!)

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