I wrote a piece about gatekeeping in Star Trek fandom that was really difficult to write, but I'm proud of how it turned out:

@skrishna I think you've made excellent points about the inclusivity of Star Trek and a good argument for any fan's right to enjoy it.

I am, unfortunately, one of those that doesn't care for the show. I don't think my reasons have anything to do with diversity or with gate keeping. I think the writers missed out on two aspects of Star Trek that are just as vital: a positive future view and cooperation.

@tomasino I think there are legitimate reasons to not like it, and I don't have a problem with that at all. My issue is people telling others they're wrong to like it (which you are not doing.)

@skrishna my issues with the show can be interpreted as, "it's not really Star Trek" because it's about one person, not a crew. It's lost the positive vision of the future that is the core of the Federation, etc. I think a lot of people can also interpret that view in the mirrored light as, "you're not a REAL Star Trek fan".

Even a reasonable issue in balanced terms is easily conflated. Perhaps more about the arguer than argument?

@tomasino Yep, totally. "It doesn't feel like Star Trek to me" is very different than "It's not Star Trek and you're wrong to think it is."

Also, the show changes a LOT between the first three eps and becomes much more crew focused later.

@skrishna in sorta related news: the Orville is surprisingly good! :)

@tomasino IT IS. I'm a couple of episodes behind, but I'm really enjoying it.

@skrishna Nice essay!

My 2 cents (I've enjoyed the show but still haven't seen the last 2 episodes): It's hard to critique the show for "bad science" when Trek already did a whole movie about Space Whales. As a scientist, I know the science of the franchise is, well, pretty silly. At best, it gets the attitude and the spirit of the process right.

As for "canon", well, they flip-flopped on whether to count the animated series, didn't they?

@skrishna I haven't watched the show yet because of the delivery method, but this is absolutely right about the gatekeeping.

No one gets to decide who the real fans are.

@skrishna i really profoundly hate discovery so far no matter how much i try to like it (i'm still watching, and i hope that i will eventually change my mind), but i think this is a reasonable take.

i will personally try not to do any gatekeeping. it's probably healthier for me to think that star trek is just shit now and move on with life than to worry about whether disco is "real" trek.

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