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Swapna Krishna @skrishna

I wrote about the incredibly frustrating Patreon changes -- thanks to Ryan North, Kate Leth, and Jeph Jacques for talking numbers with me! engadget.com/2017/12/08/patreo

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@skrishna this article misses some important points: Patreon *does* batch payments on its payment processor. So Patreon is only paying the card processing fee (market rate is 2.9%+30c but rumor is that Patreon has an even better deal) once for each patron's entire account, not each patron's individual contribution. Which means that Patreon is pocketing the extra fees, but they're making it look separate from the 5% fee they publically say goes to them

@sir They're actually de-aggregating pledges, so the reason they're charging a transaction fee for every pledge is because they're going to start billing every pledge immediately, then recurring on the day it was made. Which is bullshit. They're also charging 5 cents over the market rate transaction fee amount, meaning they're still pocketing money for every transaction, and will be pocketing more of it because of the de-aggregation will skyrocket transaction counts.

@alahmnat I wonder if their payment processor pressured them into it