Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

Well then. That sure garnered some interest. It's more than I'll be able to keep track of on here, so I set up an email list:

If you'd like further updates as I work this thing out, please sign up! Also feel free to follow me here, I'll do my best to update in both places. And also feel free to boost this one too, so more people can see the email list signup.

@skroob I just think it needs to be rewritten in Swift 😂

@skroob I’m thinking about this too. Collaboration?

@skroob I'd be really interested in something cross-platform now that the tooling makes it easier than the days Tweetbot and others started.

@skroob Been planning one for about a week and have definitely had some positive feedback. Still looking to team up with others, though since I’m sure we all have day jobs.

@skroob Open Source or commercial? Will it allow for open syncing last-reads across clients if there’s no iOS client forthcoming?

@joshuanozzi all options are on the table right now for licensing. But I will definitely want a last read sync in there somehow.

@ticky thank you for that. I think there’s really some potential in this idea, and it’s good to see other people want it too. Feel free to spread the word!

@skroob Hi yes, I’d definitely be interested, and would be willing to support its development on patreon or similar.

@skroob i don't use my mac often anymore but i'm interested in this existing in general. bonus points if it runs on not-the-latest-version of the os as well

@phranck @dasdom awesome! I love the name. Can’t wait to see what you do.

@skroob @dasdom Me too (for both). Unfortunately (or happily) I'm on vacation for the next two weeks. But I'm interested in how many people would like to see a native macOS client. 😉

@skroob I would love one, but please not based on Electron, I can only run one of these apps at a time :)

@skroob Definitely count me in. Even as a potential contributor if it's going to be written in Swift.

@skroob that’d be cool, but it’d have to be multi-instance.

@skroob Definitely! I'd rather be running a native app than in the browser.

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