@buffaloser also good verses about fucking robbing the hell out of the upper class

this song slaps because it advocates for robbing the wealthy

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"900 million put to bed
40 bill' a year would've had em fed
And I ain't no mathematician
But spending trillions on ammunition
Sort of suggests that you're in a position
To help with the living conditions
Of those who are in the divisions
They can't have admission to better positioning, innit?"


Reminder to anyone whomst follow me that my active account is @skrrt_vonnegut@bofa.lol

bofagang bofagang bofagang bofagang

The bouncer squints skeptically at the ID. "This really you?" he asks, half-jokingly.

"Well, no, it's not," Magritte says, "it's a representation of--"

‪Imagining the Lafferty brothers from the book Under the Banner of Heaven packaging and mailing racist pamphlets to Mormon clergy singing in unison‬

‪🎶We’re mailing ra-ci-sm🎶‬

to whoever is outside my house scraming "USE CWs" i will NEVER use CWs!!

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@elchapo @Pawdraig @mardiroos @diphiss I was a keg and cork in e town at one point and they gave it there


@elchapo @Pawdraig @mardiroos @diphiss oh fuck there was one sour I had recently...

Prickly pear I think... It was HELLA SOUR AS FUCK

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