Ugh I went drinking last night after having not done that in awhile. I drank like ten gallons of water, so it’s not too bad today, but I do feel like a lightly poisoned pond

Been crying to every Silver Jews/Purple Mountains/David Berman’s a weird feeling when words and music hit my brain like that

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Love how Mary Oliver shows different uses of trochees to create drum patterns and to invert iambs for a preternatural, witchy sound. From Rules for the Dance. #bookjournal #poetry #maryoliver #trochee #rulesforthedance

I thought I was acting weird bc of the full moon, but the full moon isn’t here yet so nevermind

I did spin today! and I did pilates yesterday

I ran about 6k the other day! It was a sloooooow run cuz I got distracted watching a seagull walk around with a crab, struggling to eat the crab, and then flying away cuz it couldn't figure out how to eat it

Pilates-ish class yesterday. Today a spin class where I think the instructor must have been former soulcycle...she played bts’ “mic drop” and did inspirational quotes. I won’t lie: I liked it

Ran 10k today! Feeling stronger but slower, but at least my legs didn’t feel like I was wading through mud this time

Finished spin class! Nothing tastes as neoliberal as a fitness class with flashing club lights

I mean I’m posting here a lot, but nobody is following me

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So those accounts where a ton of followers usually have a lot of posts. I cannot imagine ever doing that lol

excited to delete tumblr! been awhile since i actually deleted something and not used the "dust method" approach

what being online has taught me is that people who are really self-absorbed will probably never achieve the peace they probably don't want...i wanna tell them that just asking something that gets them outside themselves like "how are you?" to the other person is probably going to be helpful, to get them outside their enclosure, but i mean, they're just going to get mad about it, sooooo

one day I will do colorblock sweater to show off!! maybe dress

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