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being one of those people who code at their job and then go home and continue tweeting about code would be...exhausting

it's good friday! what does that

What is the most boring social media? For me it’s Snapchat and Instagram stories

I took a nap today, my bones were creaking. Woke up thinking "What is the point of anything", and thought about all who came before me or after me, thinking the same thought and felt "they are valid"

I wrote maybe a couple of hundred words today

Thing I’m working on this year: setting boundaries, focusing on focusing, being more in touch with body, not focusing on negative energy, reading, writing

Hmmm is it bad to stay away from depressed people because they can be so self-absorbed? It used to think yes, but now I think setting boundaries are important

I think it's OK to be not be relevant or to keep track of trends, but I think I want to at least be aware of myself and stay cute for life!

you know what is nice? getting to know more people who are not self-absorbed. this is what I want to do more of this year!

I am going to make it a habit to try to write every day on something that's not immediately or publicly accessible

today I went running at a different park than I do normally. it was nice to see new things. I saw a cat being "walked", held in a mesh bag strapped to the owner's chest. there were so many runners, and that was nice, too, to feel like everyone was working very hard with me

twitter is addicting, and I don't plan to leave it yet, but I want to experiment and talk about really boring things here. the last time i was on a mastodon instance went well, but things blew up when I went away, and then I never went back on. but now I am back on here!


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