Mastodon replies to threads still confuse me. I reply to one, I -know- I've replied to it, and while I see it on my timeline, I don't see it when I browse directly to the toot on another instance that started it.

If there is a reason it doesn't appear in that second view, I sure don't know what it is, and there's no feedback that indicates why.

My main point in (2) is, if the API allows the equivalent of 'select * from instance where TOOT=true', don't be surprised when someone does (inadvertently taking instances down for hours at a time by slamming them), or pushes right up against throttling limits on an instance that ARE there, to do exactly that. I hope it's been thought about.

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I get that Mastodon is how it is because it's small, it's not scraped for content, and no big celebrity has showed up yet, but:

1. It will grow.
2. If the API allows grabbing toots en masse in any way, someone *will* write a bot that does it, and sells that content. This is a when not if, folks. Can instances stand the pounding of that program? Has that ever been stress tested? Get ready.
3. Celebrities are coming. Endless September is coming. Just...don't be disappointed when it does. Please.

Wow. Me being cynical as hell in November posted this, about Twitter versus Mastodon:

And yet, cynical as it is, (2) just happened, for exactly the reasons I predicted it would: 'Because it taxes our poor servers to allow this type of traffic', which includes M->T directional crossposting. From the horse's mouth:

I've never cared as much, I realize, about 'who is on Twitter' as 'how it's third party API bridges let me communicate with the people who are.

If I sound like a poser saying that, let me assure you I can be as quiet here as I am on Twitter (which is pretty damn quiet). And that Tusky still DOES let me do that.

And no Trump tweets here.

Hmmm. WON’T be “to prevent market drain” – which is the actual reason for blocking it.

Annndd scene! People find it’s difficult to use 2 apps at once; most stay where _most_ people still are, Twitter. People grumble, but keep using it.

3. Post API block, Twitter occasionally adds new features Mastodon adds. And that's it.

‘No nazis?’ Straightforward ban policies? For that, I think you’re gonna be waiting a very long time. 3/3

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Here’s what happens next:

1. Someone creates a tool that lets people on Twitter find people on Mastodon to watch. (This has already happened: )

Twitter becomes aware but does nothing. This doesn’t affect their critical mass.

2. A tool is created that allows someone to toot Mastodon and tweet at the same time, outside Twitter. It’s explosively popular & will be quickly blocked by Twitter’s API, for ‘server performance’ reasons. Whether or not true (it may be)... 2/3

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After seeing the 20th+ joke tweet, ‘No nazis?’ ‘How about 280 characters instead?’ Etc., I’m going to explain why Twitter DOES that.

They’re competing with Mastodon and trying to prevent exodus. Mastodon has 500 chars. Long usernames. Sound familiar?

Twitter does this b/c it’s easier to throw a feature bone and keep ‘enough’ critical mass on Twitter than it is to solve social usage issues, much less change the atmosphere/TOS. 1/3


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