Some twitter v. Mastodon tips for all of the lovely new tooters:

When you like a tweet on twitter, a swarm of AIs spin into action, analysing every aspect of the tweet and trying so desperately to find the matching tweet to show you next that will keep you scrolling, lest their masters decommission them in favor of a new version.

When you fave a toot on Mastodon, there aren't any AIs; you just made another human being across the world feel nice.


@datatitian I've wondered about this. Supposing of course that Mastodon becomes Popular and millions swing over here - why WOULDN'T there be a swarm of AIs doing that, after scraping the content?

Whether or not Mastodon server operators want to monetize the traffic and content, I'm sure 'someone' would.

Analogy: Google (engine) and 'the web' (content).

@skybunny as my instance is democratically controlled, I expect we would vote against implementing any AIs designed to manipulate us into constant, unhealthy engagement.

@datatitian @skybunny The whole idea behind Mastodon will prevent it. A decentralized architecture is the wrong approach if you wanna run an AI.

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