I get that Mastodon is how it is because it's small, it's not scraped for content, and no big celebrity has showed up yet, but:

1. It will grow.
2. If the API allows grabbing toots en masse in any way, someone *will* write a bot that does it, and sells that content. This is a when not if, folks. Can instances stand the pounding of that program? Has that ever been stress tested? Get ready.
3. Celebrities are coming. Endless September is coming. Just...don't be disappointed when it does. Please.


My main point in (2) is, if the API allows the equivalent of 'select * from instance where TOOT=true', don't be surprised when someone does (inadvertently taking instances down for hours at a time by slamming them), or pushes right up against throttling limits on an instance that ARE there, to do exactly that. I hope it's been thought about.

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