After seeing the 20th+ joke tweet, ‘No nazis?’ ‘How about 280 characters instead?’ Etc., I’m going to explain why Twitter DOES that.

They’re competing with Mastodon and trying to prevent exodus. Mastodon has 500 chars. Long usernames. Sound familiar?

Twitter does this b/c it’s easier to throw a feature bone and keep ‘enough’ critical mass on Twitter than it is to solve social usage issues, much less change the atmosphere/TOS. 1/3


Here’s what happens next:

1. Someone creates a tool that lets people on Twitter find people on Mastodon to watch. (This has already happened: )

Twitter becomes aware but does nothing. This doesn’t affect their critical mass.

2. A tool is created that allows someone to toot Mastodon and tweet at the same time, outside Twitter. It’s explosively popular & will be quickly blocked by Twitter’s API, for ‘server performance’ reasons. Whether or not true (it may be)... 2/3 WON’T be “to prevent market drain” – which is the actual reason for blocking it.

Annndd scene! People find it’s difficult to use 2 apps at once; most stay where _most_ people still are, Twitter. People grumble, but keep using it.

3. Post API block, Twitter occasionally adds new features Mastodon adds. And that's it.

‘No nazis?’ Straightforward ban policies? For that, I think you’re gonna be waiting a very long time. 3/3

@skybunny dang. This makes a lot of sense...which is frustrating. Everything would be so much easier if Twitter just wasn't *awful*

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