Signal announced that they hope to encrypt even information about which users are messaging each other on the platform, allowing the app to encrypt not just the contents of messages, but the identity of the senders too...

@skynebula Hmm, I distinctly remember people I know IRL said Signal already did that exact thing while recommending me to use it...

(But hey, the same people spend 90% of the night in the bar scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and another app I couldn't identify)

@Mnemonic @skynebula 🤔weird i never got that information when i started using signal. when i told people about it, it just said it encrypts your conversation. so maybe they have been miss informard 🤔

@Glectonzo @Mnemonic It's because, like it's said in the article, it's still a work in progress. They're testing that in beta...

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