“Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you”…
*that don't track you*

With Dailymotion, Opera, Brave, Vimeo, Medium, Squarespace, Slack…

Please, stop the privacy bullshit!...

For example, the “privacy-friendly” Brave browser is just a fucking joke, a scam, a trojan horse to sell your attention to advertisers…

You don’t believe me?
Just check their website!

@skynebula j'avais vu ça via @aral récemment. Assez incroyable mais peu surprenant.

@skynebula "When someone turns Brave Ads on, their browser will begin learning their preferences in order to show occasional relevant ads as system notifications." ADS AS SYSTEM NOTIFICATIONS.

@frickhaditcoming @decentral1se @skynebula But you're BRAVE for fighting back against The Man by choosing BRAVE ads.

@skynebula this is some serious aynrand-neolib-wetdream stuff. My every waking moment on the web with 'Brave' is surveilled and monetized. The 'attention market'! Eich and co. have really gone totally off the rails with this ...

Well, that made me remove Brave from my iPhone, switch back to Safari and buy Better Blocker from @aral

@skynebula brave is actually a good browser, I like it even though BAT concept is doomed to fail... open tor tab it’s the most useful feature, still don’t understand why it’s bullshit?

@Eyal Because they're like AdBlock Plus or Ghostery. They promise you "privacy" but in fact it's to sell you and your data to advertisers.
If you don't see any bullshit/problem there, that's too bad for ya...

@skynebula it also doesnt help much that their ceo is a homophobic bigot iirc?

@skynebula though dont take my word for it since i have no source, tis but a thing heard through the grapevine and quite frankly its a bit of a shit browser in general so i dont really care about spreading such misinfo lol

@pupy @trwnh I don't know about that, but I'll check...
Thank you for sharing!

@skynebula What did you expect ? He said "I created javascript"

@skynebula Only if you turns it on. That's is an opt-in.

@skynebula In return for that, you got BAT:

So they do pay you for browsing ads. Don't want it? You don't have to do anything.

@skynebula - but you don't need to pay 'attention' to that; you have the option of not having this aspect switched on.

I have used this browser now for only a couple of weeks and seen zero advertising.

You can block Ads, Cookies, Fingerprinting. Check the Preferences/Settings...

@skynebula Also, DuckDuckGo totally involves you getting tracked. It kinda pisses me off when I hear them used as an example because they allow Yahoo! and Bing to track you through their site.


Some of these are good, others not so much, there is a lot missing too, tbh, things like cryptpad.

@skynebula What is the matter with Brave?
This kind of mistakes in the list is due to a lack of knowledge of course. But what is the reason? Should there not be more published in ordinary media, written in language easy to understand for everyone?

@KeaW I totally agree with you. Traditional media should talk more about this topic, with an easy language (but a precise one too). But it's also the case for so-called tech saavy media...

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