Attending the #NordicPrivacyArena during the day and will be giving the dinner talk this evening to address, in addition to other things, the ridiculousness of having Facebook present a keynote at a privacy event.


@aral WTF?? The dude presenting at this event went from CNIL to Facebook?

@skynebula Yep, was just mentioned that by someone who is at CNIL now and used to be a colleague.

Can you taste the bullshit layer cake?


@aral Please, trash the shit out of this bastard for me!

@aral @skynebula same thing happened in the UK with an Open Rights Group director. I don't blame the guy for taking the job, but as an organisation, FB have no place in the privacy lobby until they start respecting privacy.

@stevelord @skynebula @aral What happened with ORG? I don't have an especially high opinion of it, so don't keep up with who is running it.

@bob @skynebula @aral seems like a lot of tumbleweeds, but they've never seem well suited to a Tory government.

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