@skynebula true, even though also those 71% are fossil fuel producers, not users..(as i've said before)


Also, smart thermostats and anything labelled 'smart' should never be trusted as the data they gather is being used and/or sold to track you, are market things to you, possibly even listen to your private conversations etc.


The only 'smart' thing about them is how they tricked a bunch of people into paying for their own surveillance 😂.

Either that or how they convinced people they needed them in their home, by lowering or eliminating the cost so that people saw it as a 'bargain' without considering the real cost, heh.

@UnclearFuture True. And it amazes me how clever tech people can fall into their trap and install domestic surveillance devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa...


Don't get me started on that spy device, my parents have one and it really annoys me that they don't listen to the dangers of it.

Thank goodness open source developers are creating one, if people honestly feel that they need one or would like one then I'd like to at least give them an alternative:


@skynebula it pisses me off when we try to shame people using plastic straws or boarding a plane… Their examples are (mostly) bad examples…

But companies that are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions rarely pollute for the sake of polluting… I think the end user is also responsible for (part of) the problem and everyone has to take their responsibilities.

Yes, coffee capsule are a ecological nightmare, but we can't blame Nestle for doing nothing yet keep buying their products…

@skynebula dismantling capitalism is the best thing to do for the environment

@somarasu @skynebula this is not true either. When we were user socialism, some of the worst environmental atrocities were committed here

@skynebula Sorry, but this is a total cop-out. Those corps aren't producing emissions just for fun, they're doing it incidentally as part of making profit by selling stuff to individuals - including meat, cars, plane rides, and heating (among many other things). Any notion that if we just get rid of the big bad capitalists we can merrily go on consuming all the things without consequences is delusional. Infinite growth vs a finite planet is *way* bigger than mere economics.

Reminder that big bad capitalists also designed the suburbs so we would depend on fossil fuels just so we could go to work.

@rick_777 @skynebula Sure - they are absolutely not blameless, sorry if I implied otherwise. But the idea that individual decision making has played no role in this mess to date and does not need to or cannot play a role in any effort to clean it up is a dangerous one, IMHO.

"Poison the planet or die in poverty" isn't that much of a choice, either.

Truth is, being eco friendly costs money. The grand majority of people are slaves to the system. Saving the planet might as well require a violent revolution.


It's a political choice to keep burning coal. We could stop in a decade of the political will existed, at at most a small financial bump.


1. Eating less meat is bollocks. Pasture land is 4x as abundant as arable and depends on ruminant animals for soil health. I'll take locally sourced meat over industrial soya crap from a cleared rainforest halfway round the world any day. Vegetarianism is the biggest gift you can give to corporate industrial agriculture based on fossil fuels.

2. Bus or train? I already cycle to work.

3. I've had a Nest for years. It's rubbish.

@neilgall I think you didn't get the point at all...
(and by the way, meat IS really a plague for the environment, and also public health)

@skynebula I get the point perfectly. Eating less meat will categorically not help the environment, and depending on how you do it will definitely cause harm.

@skynebula The comment about corporations being responsible for most emissions is garbled nonsense. Who are these corporations selling to?

@skynebula a curious mix - does the smart thermostat really make that much difference?

@penguin42 No, smart thermostat is bullshit, especially also because it's a domestic surveillance device...

@skynebula well, you can do local stuff rather than relying on dodgy cloud things, in considering some fun with z-wave

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