Fuck Google reCAPTCHA and fuck all the people who are using this shit!

Pareil, c'est insupportable... Obligé de ressortir chrome pour pouvoir accéder à certains sites...

@von Là c'était pour m'inscrire à la newsletter d'un magazine radical... Et bah j'ai abandonné après plusieurs tentatives!

@skynebula Why U unhappy? You don't like to train AI that will be used to "identify and follow" targets of drone strikes?

Are you with US or with the terrrrisss? :)

@FuckOffGoogle I'm not happy to help Google, to be used, and to have a fucking ultra-shitty experience when I just want to subscribe to a freakin' newsletter!

@skynebula They're so freaking easy to miss.

Case in point: at 00:13-00:15, you've missed second row left.

@skynebula if it makes you feel better, v3 will remove the human interaction part. If it can't determine whether you're human (read: if it can't track you), you'll just be flat refused.
Worst thing is, that even some privacy friendly services or privacy projects use it for login.
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