Franchement, une belle démarche, mais pas évidente pour tout le monde, notamment les petits business/start-up/projet émergeant, qui souvent on besoin de visibilité que seul, aujourd'hui, FB/Insta arrivent à proposer ... :/

@fredftn La visibilité sur Facebook c'est un vieux fantasme, ça n'existe plus. Sauf si tu raques comme un malade. C'est encore pas trop mal sur Insta (pour l'instant), mais l'expérience est tellement de plus en plus pourri pour les gens...

@skynebula On est d'accord ! Mais aujourd'hui, ne pas être présent sur au moins 1 des 2 réseaux lorsqu'on lance un projet n'est pas évident. J'en fais la (dure) expérience avec French Kicks - Si tu communiques pas un mini sur insta/fb, t'es pas visibile, pas de communauté, t'es "rien"...
Et c'est la même sur mon boulot actuel... Ce besoin d'audience, de la quantifier, les clics, les pages vues...

@skynebula The rules are pretty simple. Being Facebook Free means:

* We do not buy advertisement on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp.
* We do not use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp to promote or represent our business or to communicate with our customers.
* We do not assist Facebook in its data collection regime through use of Facebook social Like buttons or by offering Facebook logins.
@skynebula I would suggest going Cold turkey but I consume videos con youtube, so I can't really talk.

@skynebula @vfrmedia We should also look out for government agencies and departments that encourage citizens to communicate with them via Facebook pages. I think it is reasonable to have a Facebook page that says "if you're trying to find the XYZ agency, visit our web site..." But they should do nothing more than that.

@paco @skynebula

I do not have a facebook account so cannot search it thoroughly, but AFAIK most if not all UK government departments do exactly that, they only use the USA social media/networks for publicity/information purposes (like the old public information broadcasts) and direct all official traffic back to their own online communications networks (apparently the UK is one of the better countries worldwide for online government services!)

@vfrmedia @skynebula Yeah. I think the UK is pretty good about that and I'm glad of it. I remember seeing friends of mine post on Facebook (I still login a couple times per month using a web browser). People wanted US departments like the FCC to take comments via Facebook. I thought to myself "Please, no. That's a TERRIBLE idea."

@vfrmedia Having said that, a government department COULD run its own Mastodon instance. Or even a single instance for all gov.uk departments. Wouldn't that be so much better than a Twitter support account!?

@paco its not technically impossible (AFAIK Twitter is mostly only used for generic announcements such as service disruptions due to weather and motoring/traffic related stuff rather than official private comms), but maybe with fediverse being full of people with anarchist political views it could cause uncomfortable feelings (otherwise at least one European country would have done this by now; there are already quite a few University instances and one funded by a French govt agency)

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