Dear American friends, in your country you can legally buy and carry a dangerous assault riffle, but this famous French cheese (the Reblochon, made in my hometown) is forbidden...
Sometimes I don't understand you!

@skynebula they probably consider it a chemical weapon😏

@elpanzer @ranx Well, the one pictured could be a bit dangerous (for the sensible noses at least... :)


Perhaps because delicious food makes smart, and smart citizens do not vote correctly?

@skynebula It’s okay to kill and injure other people in America, but killing ourselves with unpasteurized cheese is not. Obvious, right?

(Kidding, in case you didn’t quite get that. 😉 Unfortunately, I think it’s true.)

@skynebula Wellp, my bucket list just became one item longer.

(Several items on my bucket list already involve cheese)

@skynebula ils ne savent pas ce qu'ils perdent... (Et oui, j'écris en français, comme le Reblochon !)

@skynebula It's true! Everyone can buy assault rifles everywhere in the US, betweent the hours and 7AM and 11PM, at aptly named gun centers called "7/11". And we'll never figure out how to smooth out import regulations like the EU has with your... how many was it? *28* states... wow, like a **real** federation! ^_~

@skynebula We are exchanging ridiculous exaggerations about each other's geographic and culture place on the planet. Where I come from, having to explain the joke diminishes it. =P

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