"We are paid a ton. Looking forward to my yearly bonus of $100k. Fuck ethics. Money is everything."
— Facebook employee

Fuck Facebook employees!

/via @aral

@skynebula @aral I've heard people describe Facebook News Feed as a septic tank - Turns out the analogy extends to parts of their HQ!! 💩 #DeleteFacebook
@skynebula @aral I started reading some of the posts on that Blind site and I feel like an anthropologist on Mars. What kind of humans are these? They seem to be occupying an entirely different universe.

@bob @skynebula @aral the IT world has really watered down the meaning of the word "engineer". an engineer is supposed to solve problems for humans, not collect a check by misleading them.

@skynebula @aral At least that quote is a clear admission that FB is an arm of the FBI :(intellingence aparatus). The reason why they get paid a lot is because they are spies, it's their loyality, not programming skills that are being bought with that ''ton'' of money.

Good to have them on record for that one 🙂

"An employee of, say, Facebook, uses their corporate email address to confirm that they do in fact work there"

Oh boy, what could possibly go wrong.

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