Mark Zuckerberg discovers privacy...

"But can Facebook reform its 15-year legacy as devourer of all things private with a single sweeping, underedited screed from its copycat visionary and dark-pattern technocrat?
Fuck no, of course it can’t."


This bullshit open letter from Zuckerberg is (once again) only a communication strategy.

He puts the emphasis on "privacy = encrypted messaging".
It is, obviously, but it's only the very top of the iceberg. Facebook is still a fucking threat to privacy because of the data mining/farming they do on people's interactions inside and outside of their ecosystem.

also Zuckerberg was clear on it, depside their framing being positive for privacy, he said that they are going to increase their effort of metadata survailience. And if they are good enough at it, they will at some point ship e2e.

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