Fuck this marketing bullshit.
Fuck Silicon Valley.
Fuck the startup culture.
Fuck capitalism.
Have a good day! :)

@skynebula Wow, that banner is legitimately horrifying. I can't believe how brazen it is. Who is that on stage, and/or who do they work for?

@skynebula Thanks. Glad to see they don't have a lot of followers on Twitter!

@skynebula This disgusts me... I'n every possible way... 🤢​

turn customers into *religions*
products into *ambassadors*
employees into *obsessions*
and brands into *fanatics*

@skynebula Turn Marketing Efforts into glorious bloody jihads. Turn market domination into genocide. Leave the Earth a ruined smoking husk hurtling into the Sun! Y'aaaaar! ;)

@skynebula I despise these narcissistic showoff. It all started with Jobs and his iThings. Fuck It!

That's why I always wear a blouse with a big Nike sign on my chest. Shoes that have the Adidas sign covering 1/3 of their surface. And drive a car with a Mercedes symbol at the front tip. It also says Mercedes at the back, in case you've missed it.
. . .
And I am so proud of myself for doing so!
. . .
(on the serious side, though, it's funny how people always react when told the simple truth)

Man, late stage capitalism keeps getting weirder and weirder...


Ahaha I'm IN marketing and I think this is a nightmare

@skynebula i hate it, but that mindset is what I sell to customers and is what pays my rent. I really don't know how to free my work from that "marketing" basics

@silverspookgames this is crazy how this old toot of mine got traction today...
But still 100% accurate! :)


Pure Spectrum seems to be a #zeroshame company. I read 3 paragraphs of their latest blog entry and then had to puke a little.

TL;DR Employee praises the fact that her work place is a second family. This means she's at work at 1am on Sunday, but that's compensated because in the middle of Tuesday she can leave work to visit here dying Grandmother.

I thought she was going to say she can go to the beach in the middle of work. Which is what I do... like now.

As much as I agree with this, I often find myself craving another startup to jump into.

@skynebula it's all mind control. Look at all the good little slaves in attendance. Fuck Keynotes!

@skynebula I don't think this is a problem with capitalism... this is consumerism... this is when companies become profiteers, instead of building good products... this is about culture, not government or law.

But yes... fuck this.

@skynebula I keep saying this, and no one seems to get it... Silicon Valley is a cult.

@skynebula Recently contacted a site I used to hobby-write for (i.e.I didn't charge) to see if they pay their writers yet.

Was informed I would be welcome back if I was prepared to follow their brand but also create my own brand on social media, because that's how they're paying - based on how well the article 'goes' on social media.

Not just yet mind you - *in 6 months I can start getting paid* because 'they're a startup'. They've been around for nearly 5 years now.

Fuck capitalism indeed.

@skynebula this is fine this is fine this is fine this is fine this is fine this is fine

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