⚠️ Public Service Announcement ⚠️

Stop talking about:
• Climate change
• Global warming
• Climate sceptic

Instead, talk about:
• Climate crisis
• Global heating
• Climate science denier


@skynebula as a non native English speaker, what is the difference between "warming" and "heating" ?

@linuxine C'est dur de trouver un équivalent en français en fait, mais "heating" a un sens plus chaud et extrême que "warming". C'est pas exactement ça, mais genre "échauffement" vs "tiédissement"

@skynebula I don't like "Global Heating" or "Global Warming" because they both imply that every microclimate is going to warm during the course of the climate crisis, which isn't true. Icecap melting is actually going to cause record cold fronts and winters for quite some time in regions downwind of these huge melts. Deniers then point to something like the "polar vortex" as "evidence against global warming" when it is actually a symptom of climate crisis.

@thufie That's the idea of the word "global". It's a macro factor, even if micro ones are different. And that's a fact, globally the earth is heating.
But I agree that deniers fucks are playing dumb pointing to micro differences (or even to weather events, that are different from the climate)...

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