Firefox has now and “Enhanced Tracking Protection”.


It whitelists Google, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Adobe and many more.

/via @aral

@skynebula @aral Hey Jeremy .. just wanted to say, if you continue to use Individious you might want to consider the following thread:

It's the author of Invidious turning a blind eye towards the impact of Gab and Dissenter, and their clearly hateful, racist and alt-right audience

@moritzheiber @aral Oh fuck!!
Why can't we have at least one service that it really ethical!...
Thanks for enlightening me on that!

@skynebula @aral I was devastated myself, honestly, and serious CW for reading the entire thread .. the gaslighting, white-washing and relativism is a reason I have abstained from further commenting on it, it's very frustrating, exhausting and just generally incredibly sad 😞

@skynebula @aral It's a service, literally made by Gab, which is basically a "filter-bubble-as-a-service" for the alt-right .. and yes, it's a very deep and dark rabbit hole

@moritzheiber @aral For my own sanity, I won't dig deeper in that rabbit hole.
Thanks again for the info!

@skynebula @aral can't you just use level 2 blocklist for that? Level 1 being the default is because these services are still too popular to just block

@skynebula @aral

I tried the stronger blocklist in the Firefox settings (the one that warns it breaks stuff) and it blocked even embedded YouTube videos from loading in the slightest. So, I suspect the stronger list *does* block that stuff you listed.

@wolftune @aral
Yes, they do. It's the default settings the problem (like explained in the video), become most of the people won't customize it, and these people are the most vulnerable ones.

@skynebula @wolftune @aral well… they would indeed switch to Chrome/ium or so if their embedded YouTube video does not work.

So obvious trade-off's there. So Lunduke's question ("why?") are easily answered, and he even has not properly looked into things, considering he did suggests adding radio buttons , which are already there in the settings…

@rugk @skynebula @aral

To be fair, the radio-buttons for which list to use could be available without the extra click to show the options that they have now. But I agree about the trade-offs. Perfect is the enemy of the good.

I think being transparent is best. So, the default blocklist maybe shouldn't block expected sites but there should be a statement about the compromise so people don't think it's just fine.

@wolftune @skynebula @aral They are. Click on "Custom" here. I doubt you can make it even easier to access these settings…

And that statement is in the settings. They very explicitly state that…

@rugk @skynebula @aral

I understand, but in the settings you have to click "Change block list" before seeing the two lists with radio buttons. They could skip that extra click, but meh.

But the description of the two says that the less-effective blocker is "recommended" and warns that the other breaks things. It doesn't warn about the problems with the less-effective list.

@wolftune @skynebula @aral I guess you can also choose "Strict", custom may not be needed – or is it? Not sure…

But yeah, prio 1 is not breaking workflows of course.
That's not surprising and nothing knew, uBlock Origin etc. lists are also doing the same thing… you just can't break things or users complain and go away. (See also: #reCaptcha arrrgh…)

@skynebula @aral

Thanks a lot for the heads-up!
I went directly and switched to the "block everything" setting, including fingerprinting (why was that not off?) and cryptominers (wtf?).

I suppose the choice by Mozilla was about people using it who don't think too much about this stuff, who may find that some stuff don't work and switch to Chrome. Somewhat understandable but still bad because this just cements the biggest surveillers' positions.

@skynebula @aral

Turns out setting the blocking to 100% also breaks youtube embeds. And while Firefox shows me a (loong) list of things blocked on a particular page, there doesn't seem to be an option to selectively deactivate some of them until I see the video, either ... it's all or nothing

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