Every day is a new day to discover a new fucking privacy-washing organization.

Today, let's meet the "Futur of Privacy Forum", funded by :
- Facebook
- Google
- Microsoft
- Amazon
- Adobe
- Palantir
- Uber
- Verizon
- 23andMe
- Criteo

I don't know if I have to laugh, cry, or throw up!...

Thanks @aral for this discovery


this wasn't the org whose conference you commented on earlier as it streamed a while back, was it?


@deejoe @skynebula I don't think so. That was the personal democracy forum.

We ought to call these "faux privacy conferences" in which Big Tech grandstands about how they have new privacy options buried under confusing menus.
@deejoe @skynebula Also friggin Palantir, wtf? They're about as privacy invading as it gets outside of letter agencies.

@skynebula @aral "Hello, this is the Future of Democracy Forum. Our members include Hitler, Trump, Stalin..."

It's like an all inclusive list of those trying to sell your data...

@skynebula @aral

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, Palantir, Uber, Verizon, 23andMe, Criteo, in unison: "The future of privacy is that there won't be any." End of forum.

@skynebula @aral

> Palantir

So it's a forum about how privacy has no future, I guess? 💔


@skynebula @aral
god-fucking-damn, we have the foxes constructing the hen houses.

@skynebula @aral I choose to laugh, with Palantir on the list, no one involved can take this seriously... The other ones can try to "privacywash" their services, but Palantir, no way! At least, they have a decent cookie acceptance popin.

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