Rises and falls of web browsers in our modern history...

In my life, I think I've only used (as main browsers) :
- Netscape (on PC)
- Opera (on PC and BeOS)
- NetPositive (on BeOS)
- Safari (on Mac)

@skynebula Who even ARE all these IE / Chrome users? I’ve never known any in real life.

@nchprgmng Sure!
It was my fav OS ever, made originally for the BeBox (a badass PowerPC dual-processor station) at first and then avaimable on x86.

It is dead now, but Haiku is kinda a fork, trying to make it live again...

@skynebula I'd say that even having Chrome as the leading browser puts the internet in a far better position than when Internet Explorer was in the lead.

@BalooUriza Hum, no. Not at all. Chrome is the new IE, imposing its own standards to the industry, and above all Google is way more dangerous than Microsoft...

@skynebula @BalooUriza Except it's worse, as the MS efforts didn't get absorbed into the standard, but Chrome's have.

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