Taadaaaa! 🥁

France just voted to give the power to the police, without the power of a judge, to order the deletion of any "hateful" content on any website within an hour, or the website could be blocked in the whole country...

Yes, I said France, not China!...

Welcome to our beautiful !

Because there has to be a reason they aren't 5 eyes lol

@SporkyDorky Oh, this... It's just because in France we're so bad with speaking/understanding English!

@djsumdog It is! I hope the EU Commission will counter this and rule it illegal...

@skynebula yeah well good luck with that 😂😂 internet can't be censored, hit one site 3 more will appear next day.

@skynebula @riveck This is just plain wrong, torrent websites have been declining thanks to relentless legal action from rightsholders.

@hypolite @skynebula torrent sites have declined because streaming platforms have balanced their offering with their pricing. But what's stopping you to open another torrent site? Set up a website with no ownership is just a matter of skills and opsec but totally doable.

@hypolite @skynebula @riveck I believe both factors are true. And if you require skills and opsec because of the legal challenges, then it furthers my point. I’m not saying it isn’t doable, just that censorship can be effective to reduce the amount of people ready, willing and able to face the risks.

@skynebula Unless they're going to block all DNS from crossing physical borders with some magical unicorn-fu, that's really not going to work. Even more so with DNS over HTTPS becoming a default in Firefox.

@paradroyd They can (already) order all the French ISPs to block any website. It's just that for now it has to come from a court order pronounced by a judge.

@skynebula My point is, depending on how they're blocking it, there are probably MANY ways around such a so-called block. That's really only going to stop the poor muggles that don't know how to go around it.
I guess for content creators that depend on the general public, that's still a problem though.

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