After watching a 2-hour long live-streamed panel of designers talking (positively) about NFT, I did not change my mind...
And I even think I'm now even more against that shit!

NFT, tl;dr :
- It's still destroying the planet (the ETH blockchain will be greener (soon?), but it's still dirty AF)
- The elitism of the traditional art world is replaced by the technological elitism of crypto/blockchain and the huge skill barrier to enter
- There's no solution to the problem of (art) theft and counterfeiting, even if it's the primary purpose of NFT
- The (non)durability of the exchange platforms and the fuzziness about the future of the certificates

- The ultra-(anarcho)capitalistic model, even if "decentralized" (LOL!)
- The huge volatility of the cryptocurrencies, endangering artists and collectors

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