Making a bunch of these little pegs to install some curtains around some of the windows in the habitat.

@neauoire Do you do much wood work in general? A friend of mine and I have been joking about getting into it


@thrill @neauoire
I started spoon carving, it's a fantastic (and almost meditative) activity. It's this book that inspired me, and the great work of EJ (RIP)...

@skynebula any chance you know where to find that book or a pdf of it? 😅

@thrill You can find it on Amazon, and maybe your local bookstore can order it. But I don't think there was an ebook version

@skynebula I couldn't find it on Amazon anywhere, but I found a copy on eBay and ordered it :)

@thrill Ah cool! Better. It's great that this book passes from hand to hand... :)

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