Listening now :
Episode 1 of season 2 of "Q Clearance", a great investigative podcast series that aims to uncover the true identity of QAnon, hosted by Jake Hanrahan (the founder of )
and everywhere you listen to your podcasts

It's "funny" how the accomplices of the megacorps are completly disconnected from reality (and really not aware of their role in ...)

I'm looking for a database of royalty-free music* made by female creators.
Do you know anything?
Thank you!

* for free, CC or paying. No matter what.

Hey netizens!
@cryodraws & Io Black 's new game "Dates & Wires" is out today!
It's an otome game (dating game) spin-off of their fantastic weekly webcomic "Drugs & Wires".

And because I'm a fan, I purchased one gift code to give away to the one who will send me the best pickup line in my DMs (and their email address to redeem the gift :)

Après l’ouverture des stations de ski sans les remontées, le gouvernement français présente son tout nouveau troll…

My very first handmade rāmen noodles!
And then a bowl of my delicious vegan rāmen...

I know... I know... I'm super late to the game, but I'm so freakin' addicted to The Office now! (US version)
I'm at the end of season 7 and I can't watch anything else!

Reading again "Blue Pill Arcade" from @Cryoclaire before getting back on "Drugs & Wires" again...

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