During this lockdown, don't forget to workout!
It will be super useful for later!...


La Suisse pourrait utiliser les téléphones mobiles pour suivre les flux de populations ou observer les regroupements de personnes qui ne respecteraient pas les directives en matière de distance sociale…



Last weekend, my fantastic colleagues at Liip.ch worked day and night to put up onschool.ch, our e-learning platform, and offer it for free to all the Swiss schools that would need it!

J'ai fait des stickers pour coller à l'ambiance actuelle...

Do you remember the douchebag who hoarded 17'000 bottles of hand sanitizer to sell them at high price?

Well, thanks to this NYT article (and especially one photo)
this great antifa activist and OSINT expert found his storage... and now all the bottles are donated to people in need!

The investigation is explained in this Twitter feed. It's awesome!

Listening to the Hackers' soundtrack on MiniDisc...
Cyber level 9000!

Cette merde d’Iqos de Philip Morris collecte les habitudes d’utilisation de ses clients.

Combien de cigarettes par jour, combien de bouffées par cigarette…


Faut vraiment détruire ces sociétés de merde! Vraiment!

Just recorded the latest episode of our @hackstock podcast with my partner in crime @GeoffreyDorne.
And, of course, I had to wear the appropriate outfit! Hackstock tshirt + Hackers.town hoodie!

What a fantastic day of splitboarding and freeriding in the Alps! With a summit at 2550 meters (and -25 degrees C) with a dozen of radio-telescopes. And then... freeriding by night!

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