I spent a shit load of time hesitating between several hacking or cyber movies to watch tonight... and I'm finally watching season 2 of The Mandalorian (I know, it's not related).

I miss !

Hey dear masto-phriendz!
When will we do another / movie night again?
I miss that! (and I miss you!)

Thanks so much to @ella_kane@hackers.town, @Mnemonic @seven and the whole crew of watchers!
It was a great movie (it was the second time I was watching it).
And don't forget, cyberpunk is just a reminder of what will happen to us in the future, or the near future, or really really soon...
Let's get prepared!


I like the Berlin-style of the hackers squat :)


Even in the future you still look awkard as fuck when VRing... :P


In fact this dude is a mix of Tom Hardy and Ashton Kutcher :)


His acting is so fucking dope!


I really love this "FP-like" view of the camera (from the back)!


Oh... facemasks! I missed them!


This is why we should not have autonomous cars (or autonomous anything)

Thank y'all for tonight !

Special thanks to the great @ella_kane@hackers.town, @seven, @remotenemesis and @thegibson!


This blackout campaign against SOPA was dope!
We even participated in Europe at that time.
I wish we could have done the same thing this year against the shitty European Article 13...

I'm now finally joining you for (after watching Snowden :)

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