This blackout campaign against SOPA was dope!
We even participated in Europe at that time.
I wish we could have done the same thing this year against the shitty European Article 13...

I'm now finally joining you for (after watching Snowden :)

Noooo waaay!
The pack of Cap'n Crunch in the garbage!

And, related to what you were saying about accuracy, the French translation is really super tech accurate, even back in 1992!
For example, they say "chiffré" for "encrypted", even if sooo many people use the (not accurate) word "crypté"...

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I have to confess something...
I'm watching dubbed in French because my DVD with the English version is in my other flat, so I have only the iTunes version in French.
But it's kinda a good thing, because I have to say that French actors doing the dubbing are really good, and Redford's French voice is really iconic and so linked to my childhood! :)

Damn! The Scrabble research and Whistler probing... Giving me chills!

That kick on the door (and all the explanation before) has always been one of my fav moments of the movie!

Matthew Broderick was really DA man at that time!
Hacking the NORAD and rocking a day off in a Ferrari!

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