Does anyone here is using the BCM secure messaging app?

It looks quite cool (and secure)...

Hey phediphriendz!
What's this project of asynchronous and offline messaging/feed app? I cannot remember...
(I think it's you @ella_kane who told me about it)

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Même si le Sénat rejette cette loi (ou ses pires mesures), le débat reviendra a priori à l'Assemblée nationale, où la situation sera beaucoup moins simple.

Faites-nous des petits dons pour qu'on puisse continuer cette lutte ! (en plus de toutes les autres).

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Mention spéciale au sénateur Grand qui, profitant d'une loi « contre la haine », propose une amande de 15 000 € pour captation d'image de policiers

Les journalistes peuvent laisser leur appareil au placard avant de venir en manif @davduf

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The internet is real.

Therefore, whatever we do or say here has consequences that are not only for and on the online sphere.

I even wrote a fucking paper about it at Uni. No, the internet is not virtual. It is just another platform of communication.

It's just different than old media, like newspapers, because you can't 'touch' it. Yet, the consequences are pretty much the same, if not even amplified, for online you're dealing with way more a wider audience than an old school newspaper would.

This is why things like online harassment and bullying are so much the order of the day.

This is also why everything you say here, especially in public, matters.

All of this to say that yes, while we're communicating through a mostly text-based platform, there is gender online.

Every single word we utter or write is socially historically and economically contingent. Text has tone, and tone has nuances. And they may reflect gender, race, age, etc.

To deny any of it just because we're on mastodon... Is to deny the fact that the world is just not the same whether you were raised accordingly to what gender you were/are perceived as.

And THAT is a dangerous thing to ignore.

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All I want for Christmas is to kill capitalism 🎶

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If you’re in Switzerland, you can add this one in there somewhere:
• switch language because not everyone speaks German


Steps for reading articles:
1. Accept cookies
2. Block notifications
3. Deny location to website
4. Decline invitation to subscribe
5. Stop auto-playing video ads/mute sound
6. Dismiss reminder of free articles remaining
7. Shrink drop down banner
8. Click "read more"
9. Give up

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✊🎈 #GreveGenerale #5decembre
Petite expérience :
J'ai développé un plugin #Wordpress de quelques lignes qui permet d'annoncer et soutenir la #grève en surimpression d'un site.

The violent we stand, united we fall
In desperate goals
Don't you know?
Don't you know?
We are legion
Supported through the collective
Out there, somewhere
We are legion

Do you know any good software (on Mac) to copy/rip a DVD?*
I bought a DVD but I don't have any player on the TV, just an external drive on my Mac...

*Handbrake doesn't work anymore on DRMed disks :(

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