I've started to curate a list of cyberpunk stuff (movies, books, TV series...)
It's still an early stage work in progress, but it's there :

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Aujourd'hui, un visuel à reprendre pour celles et ceux qui se font stalker.

Selon l'ass Protects qui œuvre à la reconnaissance du stalking en France, le stalking est une forme de harcèlement auquel s’ajoute l’espionnage dans la vie de la personne victime.

Si vous diffusez ce visuel avec le hashtag , vos stalkers pourront peut-être prendre conscience de cette persécution pathologique et se faire aider.

Pour en savoir plus → asso-protects.org

Le capitalisme nous plonge dans le cyberpunk!…
(extrait de “Cyberpunk’s Not Dead” de Yannick Rumpala)

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There is nothing wrong to pay taxes.

The real issue is that, nowadays, taxes go to enrich the wealthiest, instead of helping everyone live better lives.

Because "Taxes are for little people", people like Gates, Bezos and others pay NO TAXES, and even claim tax credits.

Make the billionaires, and their freaking companies, pay taxes - including by destroying all tax havens - should be the number one task on any progressive's government.

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It was so good to watch (again) "Blade Runner 2049" at @97wasablast's tonight!

I really love my friend Pascal's photographs in the field, especially these two, shot in Hong Kong, that look cyberpunk AF!


Branch Magazine: Issue 2 is here!
Solarpunk, Big Tech resistance, AI policy, greenwashing, sustainable web craft, the commons and more...


@thegibson Did you watch Mnemonic finally?
If not, what about a screening this weekend?

@bob @aral
We (the climate NGO I'm working with) advocated for this bill. Even if it was far from perfect, it would have been a stepping stone to do more/better, especially because it was (for the first time) targeting the plane industry and the finance system.
Now that it's canceled, we'll go backwards and have to work even more to try to reach our carbon goals...

@bob @aral
It's a bit more complicated than that.
We have one of the best (or maybe the best) public transports and train system in the world. But, of course, people love their fucking car...
Also, many climate activists advocated against this bill because it was not radical enough (putting more financial pressure on the people and not enough on corporations)

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The audience award of this year's #BigBrotherAwards goes to … #Doctolib for their appointment scheduling portal for medical doctors which leaks personal information to third parties, breaking patient–doctor confidentiality.
Full laudation: bigbrotherawards.de/en/2021/he

It is closely followed by #Google who received the award in the new #WhatMakesMeReallyAngry category for recently exposed large-scale manipulations of the Internet #adtech market, for starving creators and the media, and for dispossessing our digital personalities.
Full laudation: bigbrotherawards.de/en/2021/wh

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