where are the funnymen now i need to follow the funnymen

while i was gone i ascended and now i’m having my warriors phase two months from being 18

haha holy shit i missed some shit in the month i was gone huh. anyways pedos eat my peepee jorts

what are people using to follow all their old followers/import toots/etc

well ok fuck it guess i’m moving to shaymin@berries.space

literally why are y’all moving i’m so tired

tumblr nsfw accounts today when there’s under 24 hours left of adult content

Today’s Tea:
Using they/them for nonbinary people isn’t “too hard” it’s just yalls who are fucking pussies who can’t at least try to respect nb people’s pronouns.
Same goes for every other trans ppl’s pronouns.

retoot if you actually liked pokemon sumo for telling us what moves are super effective in battle

this is vi, a dragon character who i've kinda been rehashing since i was a kid! these are a couple of lil comics i made with her a few weeks ago

Before Tumblr dies can I get one last Anon Hate 😔👏

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