A bit tired of traveling. Considering skipping . Then again, it's FOSDEM...

Decisions, decisions...

I was going to go for over a week, first guix hack, then FOSDEM, then CopyleftConf, but for financial reasons I've cut it down to FOSDEM and CopyleftConf.

@clacke CopyleftConf? I am not aware of that but it sounds relevant to my Internets. can I haz moar infos?

@rysiek Brussels, the day after FOSDEM:


Still no published list of speakers, but I know @cwebber is one and I assume @bkuhn and/or Karen Sandler and/or Deb Nicholson will be speaking.

@clacke @rysiek The days before FOSDEM : indieweb.org/2019/Vlissingen - Sincere hoping for some more participants ;)

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