Did the European Parliament just outlaw the only Europe-made social network with ?

Am I supposed to remove OEmbed and OpenGraph previews to comply with , because news sites can't just not put the OpenGraph tags on their pages, the main purpose of which is to generate previews?

@Gargron @cwebber
Not sure - isn't Mastodon "non commercial" ?
ActivityPub Implementors could/should build a foundation together - also for my WebSub Hub the "non profit" aspect in 11 and 17 seems to be the only option. EU is fucked up now.

@sl007 @cwebber In at least some jurisdictions, such as Germany, any website open for public use is considered commercial.

@Gargron @cwebber My lawyer says NOT if is ran by foundation - I am in Hamburg ;) An e. V. might do it - he checks now …


btw : Doing a CMS based on ActivityPub and did a small hackathon w. @cwebber in FEB and I hope very much too we could do it again next year prior to FOSDEM. mastodon.social/web/statuses/1
Feel invited already.

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