In mei vindt de eerste IndieWebCamp in Nederland plaats en wel in Utrecht. Maar wat ís een IndieWebCamp? Ik heb wat zaken op een rij gezet:

@frank Also good news from Brussel: The EU council (not the parliament) will sponsor next years event in Vlissingen where the ActivityPub inventor and me did the first IndieWebWeek. (all for free again) …
The 2020 event will be invitation only - to prevent the funny guys from bombing the registration ;) Et. al : Tell me if you're interested.


@frank Yes, we are evaluating the continent because we also identified implementors. There are 30+ US people, 11 EU or brexiting people and 2 from Asia. A strong argument against the US now is the border policy for some people while an argument for would be the carbon footprint. Complicated …

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