So where are all of the #ActivityPubConf videos or where are they going to be? I'm pretty surprised to not see #Peertube links popping left and right, but maybe I'm just following the wrong people... 😢

I'm sure there's a lovely PeerTube host out there willing to help with hosting (or a few that federate with each other, if we want to distribute the load)

If you have the footage and getting them edited etc is the issue @cwebber then hit me up.

@Blort Yes, the videos are going to be on PeerTube, that's what I heard as soon as I arrived at the conference.

But @sl007 is currently editing them, so please leave him a bit of time...


@how @Blort Be patient! Editing videos takes time. Even getting up raw videos takes time, because that's a ton of bandwidth.

Most of us have just gotten back from the conference and are trying to get our lives in order again. @sl007 is trying to get them up ASAP, and it sounds like it will be soon (and yes, it will be on Peertube).

It's good news that everyone is so excited that they can't wait to see the videos (the talk content IS good) but be patiently kind to the volunteers!

@cwebber @how @Blort @sl007 perhaps you could share via It's a peer tube instance for conference videos.


@e8johan @how @Blort
Yes, this IS plan A – and plan b is that they are so cool that they are federated to infinity and far beyond (once I "enhance" the sound in the first two talks a bit [incl. @cwebber keynote ] ;)

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