Getting close to launching a public alpha of #Guppe, my social groups app for the #ActivityPub #fediverse. You can follow progress on GitHub at

Awesome. Just btw:
Also doing node.js stuff for redaktor, an AP CMS.

Have you seen the videos from our - while updating the page they are on : @apconf

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@sl007 @apconf thanks for the links! I was stunned to not find any existing nodejs AP implementations when I first searched. Will check these out for sure

@datatitian @apconf

Yes, my decentralised CMS based on AP will have a server based on and only has dependencies from people I know ( e.g. ) - that is why it takes time. 50% ready, had to stop to organise and to build a foundation and apply for 2 grants and climate strike ( please watch )

But will pick up the server work again soon. Let's stay in contact …

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