The Logs of the Sat. W3C meeting can be found here ff.

The next meeting is in 12 days.

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@sl007 do you have the exact time the meeting is suppose to happen? And timezone I guess haha


I don't know again ...
Many people ask and I asked @cwebber lots of times.
Last time they announced it 15 hours before.
I do not know why we voted for a 2 weekly meeting with a fixed schedule.
I also don't know which of the 100 "nightpool accounts" is correct.

Most of the people asking since weeks just want a weekday each 2 weeks @cwebber


@cwebber again

It is about SocialCG saturday again, let me describe to l. that underlying problem seems to be whether it's "official" and if that 1 chair must be present.
What I want is just to mumble each two weeks with coding friends for ActivityPub Interoperabilty and implementation and fun – so, if nothing is announced why not meet at Chris server anyway ?
I don't care if there is a chair or if I bought standing room.
Talking about what everybody is working on and fun.

@sl007 @liaizon It sounds like a fun idea to schedule regardless. You are welcome to use my Mumble server for that.

Regarding upcoming SocialCG meetings, I am bad at kicking off the threads, and am unlikely to get better at it... I'm just too overwhelmed. It's part of why I'm trying to delegate more.

So if you're interested, you can help: how about kicking off threads about the biweekly meetings on if you don't see that @nightpool or myself have gotten to it yet?

@cwebber @sl007 @liaizon

I find that it's not super useful to make the threads _too_ early, because people respond and then forget about the meeting, which is why i've only been making the threads a couple of days in advance. definitely down to make them earlier if people find that useful though.

(also, re: nightpool accounts, as far as I know, I only have 2 active accounts, but I get email notifications for all of my accounts, no matter how old they are (unless the server in question has literally shut down, which has happened to one of my accounts))

@nightpool @cwebber @liaizon

It is just that following the AP conf prague community session we did a Social CG where everyone voted for a two weeks schedule.
This should basically help the people like me to remember …
Then we did the calendar (webcal) on socialhub which people subscribed to and also the schedule worked fine somewhen until Christmas …

@sl007 @nightpool @liaizon I think there are a couple of issues there:

1. Over the holidays and a bit after the new years, many of us were busy, so the SocialCG didn't meet. We did fall off schedule but that's actually not uncommon for standards groups like this towards the end/beginning of the year, and especially community groups like ours, but we do want to pick it back up again (and have... the CG isn't dead!)

@sl007 @nightpool @liaizon

2. So, now we're back. But we don't have it officially re-established that it's "every two weeks" again. You're right that it would be good to nail that down. Meta-wise, that's a good thing to bring up on the SocialCG :)

3. As nightpool said, scheduling a meeting too early doesn't grab peoples' attention. Maybe it's good to precreate a few threads, dunno.

@sl007 @nightpool @liaizon

4. The CG is run by overloaded human beings. If we haven't gotten to something yet, that doesn't mean we don't care!

5. And if it's really getting to you that we're not on top of something, the right thing to do is... volunteer to help with it! Say, "Hey, it seems like X isn't being done, but I really care about it! So how about I help with X?"

The C in CG is community... it's powered by people like you!

@cwebber @nightpool @liaizon
Know that & asked many times how I could help, basically each month. After the watertower and FOSDEM in Jan/Feb 2019 we were organising (June-August) and after that I did several workshops* and wrote e.g. the huge list of grants
Everybody note:
This ends in 4 days

And in 2020 I did the wonderful 36c3 to rock Europe with ActivityPub and then I went to Brussels for the Offdem ActivityPub room.


@cwebber @nightpool @liaizon

* workshops e.g.
the France event with hellekin
the german journalists thing
informal meetings after Offdem
etc. so 2019 was packed w. AP and I need to code a bit more
But again:


@cwebber @nightpool @liaizon

Apart from the virtual conf in the summer and helping the autumn Fediverse Barcelona Conf,
HOW ? ;)

@sl007 @nightpool @liaizon You are doing a lot! I am just saying, starting the SocialCG organizing threads early on SocialHub is a thing you can do if you're frustrated! :)

@cwebber @nightpool @liaizon

But there must not be a thread, just a frequent calendar entry. I don't mind when threads are started.
Also: Is it really impossible for Chris or Evan to come to Barcelona? We could pay the flight as we did w. AMS/Brussels and we go by car then.
It is more about talking then about organising …

@sl007 @nightpool @liaizon It may be possible, and a good idea, for Evan to go. Have you contacted him?

@cwebber @sl007 @nightpool I could reach out to Even and ask over Twitter or Facebook, they like my posts over there quite often :)

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