@feld I cried for this feature just earlier today.


unfortunately, I don't understand #ActivityPub as much to help @Alamantus. but I can guarantee to use it when it is ready :)

@feld @Alamantus have you seen @inventaire? I have yet to self-host it, but from what I see, it looks like this was what I was looking for.

it has beefy requirements; so, I guess, running it locally ( even for testing purposes ) is not an option 🤷‍♂️

@shine @feld @inventaire The current instance of Inventaire is pretty good already! I'm not sure what's being looked for (I'm only seeing one side of the conversation), but I'm using Inventaire's API for a different project of mine, too! It's a very nice API and Inventaire is great in general!

@Alamantus my ask ( in mastodon.technology/@shine/104 ) was for a personal library that I could self-host to keep track of the 'physical' books that I have or want.

I didn't want a full-blown library management systems; more like a glorified items list specific to books ( which could perhaps fetch the book's metadata, etc )

I was made aware of @Readlebee by @FediFollows and I was happy to have interacted with you even before knowing #Readlebee.
I haven't checked Readlebee out yet, but I will - very soon 🙂

@shine Ahhh, I see now! For some reason, cybre.space never showed @feld's replies to my post, so I was confused lol.

But yeah! #Readlebee is the project I was talking about that uses the Inventaire API, and @Readlebee is the account I created to talk about it! It's still in very early development, but the goal is what an awful lot of people are looking for: a federated Goodreads alternative. Still a ways to go, but this #ActivityPub question has been good training so far, at least.

@Alamantus @shine @feld @Readlebee

cool idea.
How about ActivityPub Conference?

A conference about the present and future of ActivityPub, the world’s leading federated social web standard.
Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line

--> conf.activitypub.rocks

would look nice in the forum socialhub.activitypub.rocks/c/

@sl007 Sounds like a good time! I'll check it out and see what it involves!

I'm not sure Readlebee is far enough along to have a place on that forum yet, but hopefully soon! I'll look into that, too!


Just note the conf CFP closed already with 75 people, so (free) registrations might close soon

We did the conf 2019 in Prague and it was awesome ;)

@sl007 That's fine with me! I don't have anything to contribute to the subject yet, but I'll see about registering to listen! :)


cool. We can propose Birds of Feather sessions until last minute if anything comes to your mind.

Then I'd like to inform you about this project (forgive me, if I see overlaps, I always try to connect people ;)

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@sl007 That's very interesting! It sounds like it so extremely close to what people waiting for Readlebee are wanting except the focus is slightly off (textbooks/courses instead of general reading).

I'm definitely going to start following LearnAwesome's development, though! That seems like an excellent idea!

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