So, in redaktor :
When you share an
{"type": "Place"}
you can add a map …

When you now scroll through the stream (infinite list) it should be performant …

Comments very welcome.

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@sl007 the screenshot looks great, but you may want to add more text in layman's terms what the implications are of the 2 options.

This is very technical and only devs of your project may be able to make an informed choice?

Yes, part of the problem that maybe only devs who have empirical values know.
But I'll try!

a) Intersection Observer means :
Load the map by coord./zoom (if URL/domain is not blocklisted) when scrolling it in the visible area.
You can directly "play"
You do not "extra-think" privacy.
Maps will occupy RAM when scrolled out.

b) Static Image means:
When you post a place it generates an image of the map and uses it. The map is loaded when you click it 1/2

Better overall performance

You get a slight delay before you can "play"

@sl007 thanks! I voted b) for both advantages you llisted.

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