Esteemed Audience of
ActivityPub Conf 2020,

yay and hooray -
you can now replay the conf !

We published all Live Q&As, Session Notes, Lightning Talks.

Don't want to click away?
No worries, will write replies soon !

We would like to hear from you what we can make better and what formats, codes and codices the world needs.
Is it a special kind of hackathon, a game, adventcalendar, Purim event, Zakat or 100 days, paintings?

⬡ Opening Keynote – The ActivityPub Panel
Jessica Tallon, Amy Guy, Evan Prodromou, and Erin Shepherd;
moderated by Christopher Lemmer-Webber

Live Q&A Recording
Debate in the Forum
Watch the Talk

is now a widely adopted
... but how did it become a standard in the first place?

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