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I was provocative & passive aggressive against the former ambassador of the US to the OECD Karen Kornbluh, German Marshall Fund, today.
It was, cause it is what I feel is the only way to reach leaders now
[cc KamalaHarris, Commissioner Vestager]

Change will come, expected her answer :

Freezing the Open Tech Fund deeply hurts the Open Internet and the community of the world.


Following a long day I attended the press briefing (proprietary “Cisco WebEx”, who cares ?)
While an advertising service asked questions on, well, advertising, the civil society did not ask any questions
[cc Prabhat Agarwal]

As a citizen of Europe and User of the World Wide Web
[ cc. webfoundation, w3c ]
& we the people,

I demand

• Compulsory Interoperability based on Open Protocols –
enforce W3C recommendations for gatekeepers,
hear your experts

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• A united act to enforce the full range of Interop., interconnection & portability

• Open the Open Tech Fund on January 21, 2021 then hurry up to build a transatlantic incubation fund giving small packages to OTF and NgiZero

• Tech inclusion enforcement and bilateral communication with diverse countries of the African Continent

and last not least, I demand the official EU/US sites to shift from proprietary services to OpenSource, no need to use “Cisco WebEx” for briefings when we have better BigBlueButton and when EU adds security requirements and does a PR, we all benefit.
No FB need, join


Exactly this! For example: How great could LibreOffice be if all the money that where paid to Microsoft for Office over the years went to LO instead?!

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