Just joined and I'm not sure what to do or who to follow. I don't know anyone who uses mastodon, but ig if anyone wants to get to know more people on here, give me a follow and I can follow back

Hey, you may create a post with #introduction telling something about your interests. You can search for the hasthag to get some inspiration
Also: I can recommend gup.pe/ this kind of a group thing on mostodon. there are not many groups yet. but maybe it is a starting point for you. on the website there are details how it works.


@tommy @Neanzo

Nice tip!
If anyone wants to know about our events:

ActivityPub is not only the protocol for mastodon, there is so many more software to discover :)


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@sl007 @followme @tommy @Neanzo Yes, not everyone in the Fediverse lives on Mastodon 😀
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