I do not know why people use slack.
The icon is boring, they not even have an animal …

@sl007 I think it's a ploy from slack to get people to try teams and see how bad group messaging can be

those of us who think slack threads are horrid will truly be astonished ...


I agree. But this is about design and not about underlying protocols.

@sl007 true. I would prefer IRC or matrix.

One of the main reasons I like IRC is choice of client. The open protocol allows a variety of clients, so I can choose one that works like I want. I hope the Matrix ecosystem will also grow to have more client variety


Join freenode and ;)
/ same

About groups we will make it better, for now:

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@sl007 @lufthans oh, groups. I need to get over my laziness and make something at least partially working for the next SocialCG meeting. Right now I only have a button that creates a group.

@grishka @lufthans

That is right :)
No worries, we are all sitting in the same boat. Please NOTE:
It must not be the next meeting.
We are planning a marathon and meet every FRI and SAT

Off course I have it in the list but we decided everybody can have a look for the best fitting time, so we added a Pad for that, see _both_ pinned posts on top at socialhub.activitypub.rocks

Thank you!

@grishka @lufthans

We are discussing Fedi Enhancement Proposals in first meeting. A summary is fine.

@sl007 @lufthans I was going to write some of those because Smithereen feature set is so much different from microblogging-style servers but haven't gotten around to it just yet. So it's going to be relevant for me to attend either way I guess?

But at least I finally got my account on git.activitypub.dev activated after reconfiguring my email to go through my server as opposed to yandex, so that's a start :)

@grishka @lufthans

This is what we need and Grishka, believe me, I know very well that doing your feature set will take much more time than cloning microblogging servers.

It is what we need.
It is very relevant.

We just want to work together.
For me it would be important if you could describe group ideas.
I think, most important is if more users would use the Client2Server portion and what the ActivityPub authors said in the keynote. So maybe also look at “Generic Servers, diverse Clients”…

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