2021 The Year when Gorge Orwell became Public Domain

What are your thoughts on a social network where the post is shared with 3-n human nodes who vote about if occurring facts are truth or lie _before_ it even gets published to others ?

I mean specifically solving this task only by humans.

@sl007 I don't think it's possible to build a human-only network, but I do think it's possible to build a network where we have better information provenance and fact-checking. Was one of the goals in Xanadu with their "transclusion" stuff... not sure that particular design would have worked or not but the idea there is right.

@Argus @eest9 @cwebber @sl007 It was posted on reddit.com/r/digital_manipulation

There's very interesting stuff being posted there every now and then

@jpeg @cwebber @eest9 @Argus

Hey, thank you Derek,

the orginal author to whom I replied favourited the post.

It is available on other networks too. Will send a DM.

I have just spoke to my union and the European Broacasting Union.

It is reality.
We will not fight fascism by Content Warnings.

@sl007 did my presentation yesterday really evoke the idea that I think we will fight fascism by content warnings? 🤨 Because this wasn't the massage! The massage was that how the public sphere is organized can accelerate hate. @jpeg @cwebber @Argus

@eest9 @jpeg @cwebber @Argus

again: My point is that we should think about hiding photos from kids.

All recent studies show that they only read headlines and see the first picture.
While my editor colleague who had to edit the Capitol Incident had to see about 18.000 different images in a 12 hours shift.
Real images. True images.

My _question_ here is if we still should say some things very loud and offensive just like back in '68 when I was not born.

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