@sl007 I mean, the critical question is absolutely justified. Not everyone like to employ with violence. Not without free choice about it.

I for example an vegan. I will cope with it, no problem. But it is inappropriate. A great many of fediverse posting have a content warning, because of trifles, where no one could be triggered. And you post a half animal corpse under a joke photo. Seriously?


Yes. Absolutely seriously.

Because either Climate Refugees would have died or the other endangered species (the shark).

As said, the caption was “The missing shark” but reality is not very funny probably.


My best 2 friends and me had to face this question and I want every inhabitant of Mother Earth to think about it.
And I had good discussions on this so far.

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@sl007 I agree with you in your concern, these are problems that mankind necessarily has to deal with. But you can't show such images to anyone unprepared. Not without giving a choice first.


This is your opinion.

And these are the TOS

I sent them (also screenshotted) to ZDF and EBU lawyers already but it is weekend. now.

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