Esteemed !

You were just a topic in the German Parliament.
Anke Domscheit-Berg described the problem in the first sentence
The “full capitalization of a deeply human need, communication”

and decribed the solution, a federated network without a central authority

"Service for the Public"
"Funded by the EU"
"Maximum autonomy"

and maybe good governance …

EU gives 12+ billion to monopolies with Horizon.

Now fund W3C recommendations like !


yes. interesting.. thanks for sharing.
Indeed, talk of sharing -
when humans come to mind - its hard to avoid terms like
once people monetise ways to put information in our commons.

(though, i suspect, sharing doesn't come as essential part of living for humans only..)

@sl007 Thanks — do you have a link? Was Anke giving evidence in person? To a committee?


It was in person in the Parliament.
Format is called Aktuelle Stunde (1 hour),

The right wings initiated a big Jack shitstorm but it did not work out ;)

It was livestreamed.

/me looks for recording

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