After FF screenshot tested Safari then Chrome … Same.

Is there a secret proprietary browser I need for ?

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@Heluecht @sl007 The solution I found on Firefox is switch to mobile display (Ctrl + shift + M) and set the size of the virtual display to 9999px x 9999px. Then I can scroll through the content. #HackityHack

@AugierLe42e @heluecht

Yeah, that's obvious ;)

My assumption was they have a 1px-easteregg with onclick which corrects it but couldn't find.

@sl007 I think if we all position our laptop screens side by side then we'll eventually have a screen wide enough to display the #FOSDEM schedule at a readable size 🤣


Good idea.

And than we can watch "FOSDEM" live on youtube
😂 😂 😂

@sl007 rather a 4x3m screen I'd say.

You can browse the schedule differently, as a list, or looking at each devroom separately.

You can also use mobile apps, there are plenty.

@sl007 I like Giggity, it's actually the only app I use my old Android4 tablet for (but I have to manually enter confs as plain HTTP on my own httpd because the TLS certs usually don't work…


That will not change mobile online ads. And yes, there are ad blockers.
But my grandma has no idea.

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