When self-hosting ActivityPub based services would it be possible to have users identities at the main domain (@user@example.com) but have different ActivityPub based platforms used as a front-end for that identity?

So the user could log on at mastodon.example.com, pixelfed.example.com, friendica.example.com, etc, depending on what platform they preferred. But all their posts, followers, following, dms, etc, would follow them to whatever platform they chose.

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This was the idea of ActivityPub.
You have a Client-to-Server and a Server-to-Server portion.
Different diverse Clients can speak to your 1 server!
It would be wonderful.
See the specifications

But unfortunately mastodon does not support the Client-to-Server part and so they have their own “API” for the server.

And so, while upcoming projects will support it, the situation is as bad as it is …

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My idea is to have a digital identity. Probably on the technical basis or the theoretical basis you point out. This could be the basis for a) Meinungsbilder b) Money Transfer (people owned cryptocurrency on the basis of "trusted customer")

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