Apart from some uninspiring blue ;) the community shows very warm colors. I like that.
Future recommendation : A nice violet/purple …


Last remark about the nlnet.nl grant: Sent a mail to the webmaster.
Find it really cruel that blind people are never informed about "max. 1200 characters" -
no labels, no "maxlength", no aria etc.
Really wondering if blind people put in theit 10.000 characters if they know at least what is wrong …


Applied for several EU grants.
Just wondered a bit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean:
If you use a textarea with only a placeholder to describe the constraints and an obscure "maxsize" attribute [not "maxlength" !] –
Does that really follow Accessibility Best Practices ?

At least grant people are funny.

Here they allow an extra of 10% characters if you inspect the DOM.

* registration is now closed *

If you are just coming back from holidays :
• We might have a 2 seat buffer
• We will maintain a small waiting list
• You can also let me know to be informed about livestream


Conference in 7th - 8th Sept.
Things escalated quickly:
Apart from the CFP we only have *a few* spaces left – so be quick.

Info also @ dustycloud.org/blog/ and

(!) edition.faz.net/faz-edition/wi

photo: A negotiator of the french government (right) sells a bottle of compressed natural gas to Peter Altmaier (left) in exchange for the free Internet …

The UNICEF Drone Program is a wonderful idea.
Just wrote to UNICEF to raise awareness for the medical situation at PNG's Carteret Islands.


my reportage here :
(google already deleted the info texts, field length is limited now !)

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